Fitness Specialist Upgrades Midland YMCA Gym with Top-of-The-Line Equipment

Fitness Specialist completed a significant overhaul of the Midland YMCA gym over the weekend. The upgrade includes new equipment from top-name brands such as Hoist, True, and Cybex.

The project was undertaken in response to the growing demand from members for better-quality weightlifting equipment. The staff at the Y had noticed that weight lifting had become more popular than cardio, and compared to other local gyms, the weight room at the Y was in desperate need of an upgrade. While strength training was a priority, the cardio department also received plenty of upgrades.

Amy Evans, the Senior Director of Operations for the YMCA, commented on the upgrade, “Part of the upgrade included a little bit of something for everybody. Included in the upgrade were ten new True Treadmills, seven Octane Ellipticals, an entirely new line of the Hoist selector and cable weights, and a massive upgrade on the weight room, including deadlift platforms, introducing bumper plates that had been needed for a long time and some new cool machines like the glute drive and the deadlift shrug.”

The glute drive and the deadlift shrug are two of the most popular pieces of equipment on the market today. Both machines are designed to help build muscle and strength, and athletes and bodybuilders often use them. The glute drive is a machine that allows you to perform weighted hip thrusts, which are great exercises for building muscle in your glutes and thighs. On the other hand, a deadlift shrug is a machine that helps you perform shrugs with heavy weights. This exercise is excellent for building muscle in your back and shoulders.

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