Our Story

Cain Chesnut and Ron Chesnut, both tired of the oilfield industry, decided to venture into a new business. They started a small franchise business selling sports equipment and golf accessories. Recognizing a gap in the market, particularly in Odessa, Midland, and surrounding areas, they realized there was an opportunity to provide high-quality fitness equipment that was missing in the region.

Driven by their vision, the Chesnut brothers gained the knowledge required to understand fitness equipment and began offering it to their local community. The turning point for the business came when they secured a significant contracts with the YMCA in Odessa and Midland. This milestone helped scale a solid reputation in the industry, positioning Fitness Specialist as the go-to store for both residential and commercial fitness equipment of exceptional quality.

As the company's success continued to scale, Jason Bullard, who had demonstrated years of unwavering dedication, was offered a partnership to spearhead the creation of the Lubbock store, expanding Fitness Specialist's reach even further. Both founders continued contributing to the company's growth. However, as the path unfolded, Ron Chesnut eventually chose to explore new opportunities, leaving Cain as the sole owner.

Cain Chesnut remains dedicated to the original goal of providing top-notch fitness equipment to anyone who walks into the store. With a commitment to quality and a history of fulfilling a market need, Fitness Specialist continues to thrive under Cain's leadership.

Odessa Team

Lubbock Team