Body Solid SPR500 Half Rack

The Body Solid SPR500 Half Rack is a reliable choice for Olympic lifts, deadlifts, squats and more. Crafted from 3" x 3" 11-gauge steel, this half rack ensures superior durability. It comes with two Premium J-cup liftoffs and two Safety Spotter Arms for your safety. Plus, an integrated chinning bar and laser-cut numbers help you with correct form and re-racking.


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Technical Specifications

Ideal for Olympic lifts, deadlifts, squats and more
3” x 3” 11-gauge steel mainframe
Includes 2 Premium J-cup liftoffs
Includes 2 Safety Spotter Arms
Integrated chinning bar
Laser-cut numbers

Hole Spacing:
Upright- Side holes are 7/8” diameter – 3” on center spacing
Front holes are 5/8”diameter - 2” on center spacing
Front bench press holes- 5/8”diameter – 1” on center spacing

Physical Specifications

Weight Capacity: 1000lbs
Assembled Dimensions 50" L x 53" W x 89" H
Weight: 208 lbs.


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