Bodykore Universal trainer MX1162

Achieve your fitness goals with our BodyKore Universal Trainer MX1162. This all-in-one home gym features a dual adjustable pulley system, smith machine, pull up bars, weight pegs, and more. Made of heavy gauge steel with high-quality cables and pulleys, it offers limitless exercise options for real results.


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Technical Specifications

Accessories Included

2x handles

Tricep bar

Tricep rope

Lat pull down bar

Ankle strap

Attachment Included

J hooks

Spotter arms


Dip bar

Lat seat

Leg press plate

Band pegs

Physical Specifications

70"L 9O"W 89"H


Weight Stacks-5 years
Pulleys-5 years
Pivot Bearings- 5 years
Other item not specified- 1 year
Labor-3 years
Upholstery/Cables/Springs/Grip-1 year
Accessories-1 year