Hoist Cable Crossover

The CMD-6180 Cable Crossover provides an engaging workout experience with its unique one-handed Hi-Lo station adjuster, angled, neutral, rock climbing, and extra-wide straight gripping options, and stabilizing hand grips on both sides of the pulley. It also includes (2) aluminum curl bars, (2) padded ankle straps, (2) single aluminum D-handles, and (1) CMJ-OPT-01 Cross Over Pull Up Station with a capacity of 195 lbs. per weight stack.

By Hoist

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Technical Specifications

Unique one-handed Hi-Lo Station adjuster
Angled, neutral, rock climbing and extra-wide straight gripping options allow for exciting exercise variation
Stabilizing hand grips on both sides of pulley
(2) Aluminum Curl Bars
(2) Padded Ankle Straps
(2) Single Aluminum D Handles
(2) CMS-6175 Adjustable Hi-Lo Pulleys (195 lbs. per weight stack)
(1) CMJ-OPT-01 Cross Over Pull Up Station

Physical Specifications

Product Width: 39.50" (100 cm)
Product Height: 92.50" (235 cm)
Product Length: 153.25" (398 cm)
Machine Weight: 839 lbs. (381 kg)


Commercial Warranty
Body/Frame: 10 Years
Structural Moving Parts: 5 Years
Bearings, Bushings, Pulleys: 3 Years
Finish/Paint, Cables,
Upholstery and Accessories: 1 Year
Applies to defects from manufacturer only.