Hoist 6 Station Jungle Gym

The Hoist 6 Station Jungle Gym combines unique features and stations to create an engaging and effective workout experience. The one-handed Hi-Lo station adjuster allows you to quickly and easily switch exercises, while the angled seat and low step height give you proper alignment and easy entry/exit on the Low Row Station. The integrated rock climbing holds offer an exciting exercise variation. The 6 stations include: triceps extension, hi-lo pulley, lat pulldown, low row, stand-alone hi-lo pulley, cross over pull up station, and base cage.

By Hoist

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Technical Specifications

Unique one-handed Hi-Lo Station adjuster
Angled seat for proper alignment and low step height for easy entry and exit on Low Row Station
Integrated rock climbing holds bring an exciting exercise variation
Includes the following stations:
(1) CMJ-6101 Triceps Extension (170 lbs Weight Stack)
(1) CMJ-6175 Hi-Lo Pulley (195 lbs Weight Stack)
(1) CMJ-6201 Lat Pulldown (295 lbs Weight Stack) *Dual Lat Pulldown Option
(1) CMJ-6203 Low Row (295 lbs Weight Stack) *Dual Low Row Option
(1) CMS-6175 Stand Alone Hi-Lo Pulley (195 lbs Weight Stack)
(1) CMJ-OPT-01 Cross Over Pull Up Station
(1) CMJ-CAGE Base Cage

Physical Specifications

Product Width: 142.50" (362 cm)
Product Height: 93.00" (236 cm)
Product Length: 194.50" (495 cm)
Machine Weight: 2,017 lbs. (915 kg)


Commercial Warranty
Body/Frame: 10 Years
Structural Moving Parts: 5 Years
Bearings, Bushings, Pulleys: 3 Years
Finish/Paint, Cables,
Upholstery and Accessories: 1 Year
Applies to defects from manufacturer only.