Hoist CF-3465-A Barbell Rack

The Hoist CF-3465-A Barbell Rack features a unique upright frame design that provides easy access to barbells while organized storage is provided by ten barbell holders. With a maximum storage weight of 1500 lbs., this unit is built to last.

By Hoist

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Technical Specifications

Incorporates 10 barbell holders for organized storage
Maximum storage weight: 1500 lbs. (680 kg)

Physical Specifications

Product Width: 37.75" (96 cm)
Product Height: 60.50" (154 cm)
Product Length: 29.50" (75 cm)


Commercial Warranty
Body/Frame: 10 Years
Structural Moving Parts: 5 Years
Bearings, Bushings, Pulleys: 3 Years
Finish/Paint, Cables,
Upholstery and Accessories: 1 Year
Applies to defects from manufacturer only.