Hoist Roc-It Selectorized Rotary Calf

Optimize your calf workout with the Hoist Roc-It Selectorized Rotary Calf. Made for all leg lengths, its eleven seat adjustments target the ankle for a full range of motion. Experience a more effective and safe calf workout with its unique rocking movement.

By Hoist

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Technical Specifications

Eleven linear seat adjustments to accommodate varying leg lengths
Designed to focus movement through the ankle, promoting a greater range of exercise motion
Rocking movement intensifies the work load to the calf muscle while reducing the undesired stresses placed along the foot

Physical Specifications

Product Width: 49.50" (126 cm)
Product Height: 54.75" (139 cm)
Product Length: 71.75" (182 cm)
Machine Weight: 736 lbs. (334 kg)