Inspire FID3 Bench Flat-Incline-Decline

Enhance your workout routine with the Inspire FID3 bench, designed by industry experts. With 7 adjustable decline positions, you can easily transition between flat, incline, and decline positions. The sturdy welded steel frame ensures stability, while the 7-position back pad and 3-position seat pad provide ultimate comfort and support. Elevate your fitness game with this multi-functional bench.

By Inspire

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Technical Specifications

This ladder-style bench easily moves between flat, incline, and decline positions to optimize your workout from every angle. The FID3 features 7 back positions (-12° decline, 0° flat, 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, and 80° incline), and 3 seat positions (0°, 7°, and 14°). Its heavy-duty wheels make it simple to transport, and its upholstered pads provide comfort and stability.

Physical Specifications



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