Schiek L2006 Leather Padded Contour Belt

Rise to the highest level of performance with the Schiek L2006 Leather Padded Contour Belt. The patented downward angle design helps reduce stress on your back and hip muscles while lifting, while the 6" wide back panel ensures added support. The superior quality leather construction and dual prong stainless steel buckle ensure the belt stays in place for all-day comfort. Keep your form and hit your goals with the L2006 Leather Lifting Belt.

By Schiek

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Technical Specifications

Patented Shape
Schiek belts form a cone shape essential for the perfect fit. All other belts created a cylinder and do not fit you body properly.

Patented Hip and Rib Contour
Provides ultimate comfort and flexibility. Ordinary belts dig into the hip and ribs and cause discomfort.

Dual Support
Schiek belts are designed to support both the lower banc and abdominal area. The abs are the key to complete lower back support and no other belt offer the dual support of Schiek.

Physical Specifications

6" width