TKO Cardio Pump 20 Set Pack

Efficiently organize your group training classes with TKO’s Cardio Pump Group Rack. This specially designed rack can hold up to 20 Cardio Pump sets, maximizing floor space while keeping equipment clean and easily accessible. With the included 20 sets, you can have organized and safe storage, making it perfect for any fitness studio or gym.


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Technical Specifications

FRAME - 2.5mm & 3mm oval and round tubing
PEGS - Collar storage at rear, accessible
from both sides
CAPACITY - Store up to (10) cardio pump sets

Bar- 30mmx50" L steel bar with foam grip for comfort

Plates-highest German sourced urethane for durability

Grip_ three slot grip allowing easy on/off at any position and use of plates individually

Collars- quick lock collars

Physical Specifications

Dimensions 74"x24"x53"
Product weight 1460lbs