TKO Olympic Rubber Grip Plate Bi-lateral Grip Design

TKO Olympic Rubber Grip Plate offers longevity with its bi-lateral grip design and durable, non-odor rubber encasing. Its solid steel insert ensures a precise fit ideal for effective exercise and its 5-year full-commercial warranty attests to its dependability. Available in sizes 2.5 to 45 lbs.


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Physical Specifications

2.5LB: 6.30" 5LB: 7.88" 10LB: 9.44" 25LB: 12.5"
35LB: 14" 45LB: 15.68"
2.5LB: .91" 5LB: 1.09" 10LB: 1.28" 25LB: 2.03"
35LB: 2.03" 45LB: 2.03"
Bi-lateral Grip design
Durable, non-odor rubber encased
Solid steel insert ensures precision fit


5 year warranty