TKO Rubber Bumper Plates

TKO's Bumper Plates are the ideal weight plates for weightlifting and training. Made of solid rubber, they provide a safe floor environment by preventing damage when weights are dropped. Steel inserts add extra durability, and all plates have the same standard diameter.


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Technical Specifications

COLLAR OPENING: 2” / 50.66mm
DIAMETER: 17 3/4” / 450mm
WIDTH: 10LB 1.00”, 15LB 1.37”, 25LB 2.00”
35LB 2.75”, 45LB 3.25”

Physical Specifications

All plates have the same diameter and features a durable steel insert
Ideal for cross training/athletic lifts such as: snatches, power-clean, cleans, & jerks
Solid steel insert ensures precision fit
Available in 10lb, 15lb, 25lb, 35lb and 45lb lbs.
Warranty: 10lb and 15lb – 6 months against breakage, 25lb, 35lb, and 45lb – 2 years against breakage


WARRANTY: 10LB & 15LB: 6 Months
25LB, 35LB & 45LB: 2 Years