TKO Signature Series Multi-Adjustable Bench 7045-g2

TKO's Second Generation Signature Multi-Adjustable Bench is the ideal solution for commercial gyms, hotels, resorts, and community centers. Featuring 9-position back pad adjustment from 0-85° and 4-position seat pad adjustment from 0-18°, this durable bench offers custom comfort for a variety of fitness activities. With integrated wheels and handle for easy mobility, the bench comes with black matte frame and upholstery, and weighs 88 lbs. Dimensions: 48" x 29.5" x 18.3".

$750.00 $830.00

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Technical Specifications

9-position back pad adjusts from 0-85 degrees
4-position seat pad adjusts from 0-18 degrees
Integrated wheels and handle for mobility

Physical Specifications

Dimensions: 48" x 29.5" x 18.3
Weight - 88 lbs