True Club Stretch

Enhance your client's flexibility and reduce their risk of injury with the TRUE Stretch Cage. Its versatile design allows for multiple stretch variations targeting specific zones and needs. With guided stretching and stable support, activate muscles and improve flexibility easily and comfortably, standing up. Say goodbye to awkward positions and hello to a safe and effective stretching experience with the TRUE Stretch Cage.

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Technical Specifications

Space Efficient & Solid Construction
The dimensions of the TRUE Stretch measure 48 inches in width, 87 inches in height, and 60 inches in depth, effectively safeguarding your precious floor area while significantly enhancing the worth of any exercise regimen. The 11-gauge welded steel frame of the TRUE Stretch guarantees durability for many years to come, and it is backed by a one-year parts warranty.

Improve Workouts & Reduce Injury
The TRUE Stretch provides a secure and spacious stretching zone where users can engage in thorough stretching exercises, enhancing flexibility and minimizing the chances of injury. It eliminates the necessity for floor-based stretching. As a cutting-edge benchmark in flexibility equipment, the TRUE Stretch offers an efficient stretching routine for individuals of all ages and body types.

User-Friendly Placard
The TRUE Stretch is equipped with a user-friendly exercise placard conveniently positioned on the frame. This placard presents a comprehensive collection of 30 different stretching exercises accompanied by full-color photo illustrations. Organized according to muscle groups, these exercises are specifically designed to replicate real-life stretching movements in the everyday world.

Physical Specifications

87"H x 60"D x 48"W (221cm x 153cm x 122cm)
Machine Weight
180 lbs (82kg)/246 lbs (112kg)
Shipping Weight
246 lbs (112kg)
Maximum User Weight
500 lbs (227kg


Parts - 1 Year; Labor - 1 Year *Warranties outside the U.S. and Canada may vary. Please contact your local dealer for details.