True Fuse XL Rotary Torso Machine

The FUSE-1700 Rotary Torso Machine provides comfortable, customized workouts with an 11-point adjustable handle for a personalized range of motion from a seated position. The low-seated frame and cushioned seat ensure accessibility while the hip and thigh pads encourage spinal alignment to maximize your workout. Angled grip handles and comfortable roller pads provide proper support. Unleash the power of your core with this powerful and comfortable machine.

By True

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Technical Specifications

A low-seated frame and cushioned seat make the FUSE-1700 Rotary Torso Machine not only accessible but comfortable. Rotate at the lumbar spine while engaging hip flexors and upper back muscles simultaneously.

An 11-point easy adjustment handle to a customized range of motion from a seated position.
Angled hip and thigh pads eliminate low body torque and encourage spinal alignment.
Comfortable roller pads and angled grip handles for proper support.

Physical Specifications

35” L x 46” W x 57” H (89 cm x 117 cm x 145 cm)
Machine Weight
401 lbs / 182 kg; 481 lb / 219 kg
Weight Stack Options
170 lbs / 77 kg; 250 lbs / 113 kg


10 Years
Frame Components and Welds excluding coatings
5 Years
Bronze Bushings, Sealed Rotating Bearings, Pulleys, Weight plates and Guide Rods excluding coatings
1 Year
Labor, Cables, Linear Bearings and Shafts and all other components not mentioned elsewhere in this warranty
6 Months
Normal wear parts including but not limited to labels, upholstered pads and grips