True Fuse XL Seated Row

The FUSE-1200 SEATED ROW offers a unique unilateral range of motion and increased muscle recruitment through its rotating handles and independent diverging arms. An adjustable five position seat with gas cylinder assistance ensures stable and precise movement, while the eight-position chest pad provides a comfortable fit for users of all sizes. Finally, freely rotating handles let you switch up your workout routine.

By True

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Technical Specifications

Unique rotating handles combine with independent diverging arms to provide unilateral movement through a complete range of motion for greater muscle recruitment and a more efficient workout.

Five position seat uses four-bar linkage with gas cylinder assist for stable, low friction adjustments
Eight position chest pad accommodates wide range of users
Handles rotate freely for exercise variation

Physical Specifications

53" x 56" x 58" (135 cm x 142 cm x 147 cm)
Machine Weight
458 lbs / 208 kg; 538 lbs / 244 kg (Based on Weight Stack Option)
Weight Stack Options
170 lbs / 77 kg; 250 lbs / 113 kg


10 Years
Frame Components and Welds excluding coatings
5 Years
Bronze Bushings, Sealed Rotating Bearings, Pulleys, Weight plates and Guide Rods excluding coatings
1 Year
Labor, Cables, Linear Bearings and Shafts and all other components not mentioned elsewhere in this warranty
90 Days
Normal wear parts including but not limited to labels, upholstered pads and grips