True XFT-900 Functional Trainer

The XFT-900 Functional Trainer is a premium commercial-quality machine designed to provide users with dozens of upper and lower body exercises. It combines unique vertical adjustment columns, which rotate 360 degrees, with a multi-position chin bar and fold-down foot platform, to offer unrestricted movement in various planes. Additionally, it also provides integrated storage hooks to store a wide range of training accessories, with two optional storage trays.

By True

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Technical Specifications

Vertical adjustment columns rotate 360 degrees to allow unrestricted movement in multiple planes
Multi-position chin bar accommodates optional suspension bracket for suspension training
Fold-down foot platform assists access to chin bar and retracts into frame when not in use
Integrated storage hooks conveniently store wide range of training accessories
Shown with 2 optional storage trays

Physical Specifications

73" x 42" x 92" / 185 cm x 107 cm x 234 cm
Machine Weight
1177 lbs / 535 kg
Weight Stack Options
310 lb (141 kg) per side


Warranty Type
10 Years
5 Years
1 Year
Cosmetic and Coating
3 Months