Woodway 4Front


Discover the unparalleled Woodway 4Front - the ultimate commercial treadmill experience. Its patented Slat Belt running surface mimics outdoor running while significantly reducing impact on joints. With dynamic and resistance modes, choose from 3 versatile training options for a comfortable, low-impact workout. Plus, its scientifically proven design requires less maintenance and electricity for lasting durability.


By Woodway

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Technical Specifications

Speed 12.5 MPH (20 KM/h)
Incline 0-15%
Resistance Mode 0-60 lbs.
Voltage 115 VAC 20 A

Physical Specifications

Weight Capacity Running 400 lbs. (180 kg)
Walking: 800 lbs. (360 kg)
Running Surface Dimensions 68” x 22” (157 x 55 cm)
Length 72” (183 cm)
Width 35” (89 cm)
Height 64” (163 cm)
Unit Weight 445 lb. (201 kg)


5-year drive, motor, and belt
3-year all components
1-year labor