Are you hopping on the “New Year New Me” train? Decided you want the luxury of having a personal home gym. Now you just need to fill it with good equipment that suits your personal needs and fitness goals.




​Where should you purchase this fitness equipment? Should you go to a big box store or shop locally? Shopping locally has a lot of benefits starting with customer service. When you go into a local store you will be greeted and asked what kind of help you need or if you have any questions. The employee will help you understand the equipment you are looking at and how to get the most out of it. If you go into a big box store you are pretty much on your own. You will just have to read the cards on each piece of equipment and then hunt someone down that can assist you. Everyone is all about convenience so having someone come up to you and being able to answer all your questions quickly and easily benefits everyone.





​In big box stores, there are many different store departments many of which have a rotation of employees working in them. That being the case, those employees never fully understand the machine or how to use it. Local fitness stores only sell fitness equipment, so all of the employees are well trained and work with the equipment hands-on when putting them together and delivering them, so they have good knowledge of the equipment. They should be able to answer most of your questions easily without being passed around to another employee.



​Another benefit of buying locally is the warranty you will get on your equipment. If purchasing some cardio equipment, you will get a 5 to 10-year parts warranty with 1-year labor. Most strength equipment will give you a lifetime warranty. Some big box stores have some warranties, but usually, it is very limited, and because they are a big department store, they won’t have anyone in house to send out to you for service.




​Worried about the price tag? Fitness Specialist has equipment in all price ranges to suit anyone’s needs. Have you considered financing? When you buy locally you can do financing on equipment so that you still can get that better-built piece without paying it all at once. Remember it might be more expensive than the piece from a department store, but it will last you much longer. You will be getting what you pay for. Need another way to save? Don’t want to pay the sales tax? If you go, see your doctor and get a prescription to exercise you can be refunded the sales tax for the equipment. All doctors want people to exercise more so getting the prescription should be simple. That’s just another benefit of buying from your local fitness store.


January 03, 2020 — Cain Chesnut
Tags: Local New Year