Spin bikes are the hottest piece of fitness equipment on the market right now. When you hear spin bike, I’m sure the first thing to pop in your head is Peloton. Almost everyone has heard of or seen the Peloton ads. They did a fantastic job with their marketing, but let’s talk about the cons of this statement piece.

To start, the Peloton is going to be one of the more expensive bikes that you can purchase, starting at $2,245 for the most basic package. You will then need to buy a pair of special clip-in shoes to ride the bike. If you have multiple people riding the bike, everyone will need their own pair of shoes. This bike is also limiting to the number of adjustments you can make. You can move the seat, but you can’t adjust the handlebars, which doesn’t seem like a big deal until you try to stand up and ride along with the instructor.

A big selling point on the Peloton is the 22” screen that shows live classes and hundreds of pre-recorded workouts. However, here are a few downsides to the screen. First is the placement; when riding a bike, you want to look up and straight ahead just like you would on any other bicycle. Since the screen is mounted on the bike, you must look down when watching along with the instructor; this can cause you to hurt your neck. Next, if something were to happen to the screen and you need to replace it, that would cost you about $750 plus tax, and then add shipping. Peloton does offer a one-year limited warranty, and they do deliver and have service techs. However if you are not local to a Peloton dealer, then it will be difficult to have them schedule you on delivery or service, and you would have an additional charge of mileage.

Then there is the subscription that is needed to be able to participate in the classes. That will cost you an extra $39 a month. Lastly, you will need to make sure you have an excellent strong Wi-Fi signal for the classes to be able to load quickly and to run correctly.

There are other options when looking into a spin bike; you can even still use the Peloton app without having the actual Peloton bike. If you get the app on your phone, it will cost you $12.99 a month, and you will still have access to all the same classes just without the added expenses. Make sure to do your research on a product before purchasing it. You can even try a spin class to see if it is something you would enjoy always ask lots of questions.

The most important thing to look for in purchasing any equipment is, machine comfortability to you. If you spend the money and you hate the machine, it is not a wise investment. However, if you stop in your local specialty retailer and try out what they have on the floor, not only will you find the best piece for your body, but you will also learn about all the adjustments, console options, and best yet have service after the sale if needed. There are many options, make sure you try before you buy.

January 30, 2020 — Cain Chesnut