Getting a new piece of fitness equipment is exciting, and that feeling of newness can keep you motivated to continue working out for a while. However, after a few months, you might want to shake things up a bit. Have you heard about treadmill interval training? If not, you’re missing out!

It’s a lot of fun, and instead of walking for half an hour at one speed, you’re varying speed and incline every few minutes. You’ll start out by walking for a few minutes to warm up, then increase your speed to a jog for a few minutes, then slow your speed and raise the incline for a few minutes. Throughout the workout, the speed and incline will increase in intensity until the cooldown. You can find thousands of awesome treadmill routines online so you can easily get started today.

Interval training on your treadmill is a fantastic way to not only put some pizzazz into your routine but increase your fitness at the same time. Here are some ways interval training on your treadmill can rock your workout!

Burns Extra Calories

One of the benefits of interval training is that it burns more calories in less time, so you can carve out less time in your day to work out. Or you can opt to work out for the same amount of time and burn even more calories (just be careful not to overdo it!). That calorie burn will keep going for hours to come.

Burns More Fat

The beauty of the interval workout is that it involves intervals of intense cardio followed by slower intervals of strength-building exercise, so you’re getting a one-two punch when it comes to your fitness. That means you’re burning far more fat for the next 24 hours after your interval workout, too, than if you were to hop on the treadmill for a 30-minute run. Be sure to shop for a new treadmill at Fitness in Specialists—we carry a full line of the best fitness equipment in Texas, including treadmills!

Decreases Your Chance for Disease

Remember the part above about decreasing fat? Losing fat around your belly reduces your chances of developing diabetes. And losing fat all over reduces your chances of heart disease and other vascular issues. Building muscle makes your heart stronger and burns fat 24 hours a day, making you a lean, mean, fat-burning machine!

Reduces Boredom

You might be perfectly content reading email, watching TV, or reading a book while you’re on the treadmill. But if you’re able to answer email and read a book, you’re probably not pushing your workout hard enough, especially if you’ve been exercising for a while. We always encourage starting out slowly and safely, but there comes a point where you have to push yourself if you want to see results. When you don’t see results, you’re more likely to give up on your goals. Interval training makes the workout more interesting, and because there are so many different interval workouts to be found online, you’ll never run out of possibilities. Seeing your results happen more quickly is an added bonus (and you can still catch up on your Netflix shows while you push your fitness to the next level!).

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