We live in a time where fitness gadgets are in high demand. Just a decade ago, people were tracking their fitness data and goals on paper or in their head — the old fashioned way. However, nowadays, there are seemingly endless ways to stay connected to your fitness life wherever you go. Since nutrition is so crucial to achieving your fitness goals, nutrition gadgets have also been added to the mix, allowing you to track what you’re eating and how much. This should be seen as a positive since it makes achieving our fitness goals all the easier. However, it can be quite daunting at times trying to keep up with all the latest releases. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some of the top fitness gadgets you should check out.

Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers like the Fitbit have become much more popular in recent years. The fitbit was revolutionary because it tracked a lot of data about your fitness habits while being non-intrusive. The Polar M600 is the next evolution in that technology, tracking your daily workouts, sleep patterns, calories, your heart rate, and much more. On top of all of this, it allows you to enable voice controls, and work seamlessly with your Android device by replying to texts, making calls, receiving calendar notifications, and even scrolling through social media.

Underwater MP3 Player

Did you ever think you’d be living in an age where you could listen to music underwater? Well now you can with the Finis Duo Underwater MP3 Player. Since the device doesn’t stream to your phone, you won’t have to worry about keeping it nearby. Simply load it up with up to four gigabytes worth of MP3 or WMA files via USB and listen to your favorite tunes while swimming laps.

Smart Scales

Smart scales are like regular scales only they’re smarter! The Withings Body Cardio Scale is one popular smart scale on the market that measures body weight, body composition like water percentage, muscle mass, and body fat, in addition to your cardiovascular health like your heart rate. You can upload all this data to your mobile device.

Smart Cups

Yes, we have gotten to the point where even cups are smart, but is it really a surprise considering 80 percent of Americans believe they don’t drink enough water? Smart cups like Ozmo Active Smart Cup allow you to easily track how much water you’ve been drinking and how much you have left to drink for the day.

Fat And Muscle Tracker

Smart scales are great for tracking your fat and muscle mass while at home, but what about having something a little more portable? The Skulpt Scanner is one such device that’s no bigger than your mobile phone. This tracker will give you an in-depth analysis of your body fat percentage as well as muscle analysis, giving you tips to step up your game. Like most devices, the Skulpt Scanner can connect and send data to your mobile device.

Smart Clothing

This is probably starting to sound like a broken record, but if none of these other smart devices are for you, maybe smart clothing is. Instead of having to carry around an extra electronic device all the time, smart clothing like the Athos Smart Clothing brand has embedded sensors that will track things like muscle activity, heart rate, and calories burned. Typically, smart clothing comes in all articles of clothing including shirts, shorts, and even socks. Many can even be cleaned in the washer with the rest of your clothes.

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As you can see, there is no shortage of fitness devices on the market these days. Everything is becoming “smarter” and more interconnected, making it easier to have an accurate picture of your health, wherever you go.

If you enjoy working out at home, you’re going to need safe and reliable fitness equipment to fill out your in-home gym. Fitness Specialist is proud to offer fitness equipment that uses smart technology to track your fitness progress and goals. If you have any questions about any of our equipment, don’t hesitate to give us a call or visit one of our two locations.