Hello, and welcome back to our blog here at Fitness Specialists! It’s already spring and what that means is that you’re probably starting to get back outside and start anew with your fitness routine. Many of us tend to avoid exercise when it’s too cold out or our workout is confined to a gym. So now that you’re exercising more, what better time to go back to the drawing board with your diet? In this blog, we’ll provide you with some helpful tips to optimize and refine your diet this spring. Get in touch with us today if you have any questions.

Be More Mindful

The first step to making any change in your life is to be more mindful. So, what does this mean exactly? Mindfulness means taking a step back, slowing things down, and really understanding what’s going on in the moment. The opposite of this would be carelessness. And when you’re careless, you tend to fall into a lot of habits that aren’t healthy and become increasingly difficult to break.

One thing that’s often miscommunicated to people is the whole “follow your heart” message or the “you only live once” mentality. Although these may seem like great messages, they’re both going to lead you down the wrong path if you’re not careful. Instead, try thinking through everything logically. If you can train yourself to approach every situation with mindfulness rather than emotion, it will be much easier to change your diet this spring. For example, if you’re thinking about picking up a candy bar today, instead of thinking “I want a delicious snack right now” you should be thinking “if I eat that candy bar I will be one step farther away from achieving my goals.”

Start Off Slow

When someone is trying to get off of a drug or escape from some other addiction, they don’t just avoid it all together right away. Doing so will lead to withdrawals and they may fall back even harder into their addiction of choice — the same goes for your diet. If you decide to completely cut candy bars from your diet right away, there’s a good chance you’re going to fail. Instead, create a schedule for yourself. If you eat 3 candy bars a day, try cutting it to one a day. After a couple of days, cut that to one every couple days, then one every week, and so on. This will help your mind and body realize that you don’t need this food in order to survive, and you’ll notice yourself start to feel more free and alive.

Another simple thing you can do to start off slow is to make small changes that you won’t notice all that much. For example, if you normally get white bread at the store, switch to whole grain. After a couple of days of making this switch, you’ll wonder why you didn’t just eat whole grain bread in the first place. These small changes can be made with just about anything.

Don’t Shop Without A List

Although this harks back to “mindfulness,” it’s important enough to deserve a section of its own. Chances are, you know that grocery stores are designed in a way that will get you to spend the most money. And spending the most money doesn’t always mean the healthier option. For example, they’ll put cookies or chips at the end of an aisle because they know people are willing to buy more of them and in some cases, even stockpile them even if they’re slightly marked down. Sure, you’re getting a great deal and may even be saving money in the long run, but you can guarantee your health will take a toll. Create a list before you go to the store and stick to it.

Drink More Water

The problem with water deficiency is that when you’re in this state, you’re convinced that everything is perfectly fine. You may be thinking “I’ve only had a few sips of water every day for the past week and feel just fine.” The unfortunate truth is that you’re not fine, you’ve simply convinced yourself that the state you’re living in is normal. If you’re having trouble changing up your diet, drinking more water may be the best way to start because it’s much easier and straightforward to accomplish. You don’t need to worry about the details like how many calories you’re taking in. Simply take a water bottle wherever you go, and commit.

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