We’ve all had those days where we’re so exhausted that we can’t function properly at work or doing the things we love. It can be stressful, but many times we don’t even have the energy to fight it and end up becoming more tired. In this blog, we’ll talk about several useful tips for having more energy so you can be more productive at work or during a workout.

Get enough sleep

If you want to have enough energy to live at your full potential, you need to be getting enough sleep. It’s that simple! Doctors recommend at least seven hours of sleep each night, however, eight or more is ideal. According to the ASA (American Sleep Association), about one-third of Americans get under seven hours of sleep. Think of how much more effective we could be as a society if this wasn’t the case! On a more personal level, you’ll have the energy you need to do your daily workout!

Have a balanced diet

If you’re eating a balanced diet, there’s no need for energy drinks, coffee, or other sugary foods. Many times our craving for these things is due to the fact that we aren’t keeping a balanced diet in the first place, so our bodies are starving for energy. A simple solution to this is to snack throughout the day. Bring an apple, hummus, or vegetables to chew on as you work. If you do this, you’ll notice you have fewer cravings for sugar and caffeine and more energy.

Drink fluids

Unfortunately, many of the unhealthy things we consume are contained within our drinks. Drinks like apple juice, orange juice, and smoothies often contain added sugar. It’s very easy to sneak this added sugar into fruit juice because it’s masked by the healthy natural sugars in the fruit. Make sure you’re checking labels. Once you drop these drinks and start consuming more water, your body will thank you! You’ll have a lot more energy and won’t experience a crash later.

Don’t get sick

Easy enough to say, right? It seems like it can be impossible to avoid getting sick sometimes, but there are definitely things you can do to help. Washing your hands, getting enough sleep, and eating the right foods are all things you can do to prevent getting sick. Getting sick can affect your energy levels in a number of ways. After being sick, you’ll be catching up on sleep, recovering muscle function, and getting your immune system back to normal. This can be a long process and will put a huge damper on your workout routine.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to figure out how to maintain your energy levels throughout the week. There are a lot of things to consider and it seems like the more you try, the more tired you get and you become increasingly less motivated to solve your energy deficiency problem. However, problems with energy level usually relate back to one of two things: sleep and diet. If you’re consuming all the nutrients that your body needs along with at least eight glasses of water per day and you’re getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep each night, you will solve the majority of your energy deficiency problems.

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