Let’s face it, we all love sugar. And to many of us, it’s a guilty pleasure that constantly comes back to haunt us throughout our lives. But limiting sugar in our diets isn’t always as simple as having the will to do so. Sometimes it takes a little more creative thinking in order to significantly reduce sugar in our diets and feel a lot better about ourselves in the process. In this blog, we’re going to talk about several tips you can add to your fridge to help you stay true to your sugar-free diet.

Watch what you drink

We often think of sugar coming in the form of candy, chocolate, or donuts. However, one of the biggest culprits of our sugar overdosing comes in the form of drinks like soda, tea, coffee, and even fruit juice. We’ve been told for many years by dieticians and scientists alike that drinking soda is one of the worst things you can do for yourself and your body. It contains more sugar than any other drink, is a top cause for obesity in the U.S., and it’s perfectly designed to be addictive and hard to give up.

The problems with sugary drinks doesn’t stop there though; we somehow manage to sneak sugar into just about every drink we make, and many of us don’t even realize it. Orange juice and apple juice, two drinks you may think are healthy, are typically not. Don’t let the perfectly crafted image of a ripe orange or apple on the front of your juice carton fool you, most fruit juice in the stores these days are filled with unwanted sugar. This cuts costs for the companies making these fruit juices and ensures you stay committed to their brand. The only one who loses from the exchange is you! Make sure you check the nutritional information on all your fruit juices before you buy. This will help you cut your sugar intake immensely.

Learn how to snack

Remember how your mom told you when you were little to stop snacking so much because it will ruin your appetite for a real meal? Well, I’m telling you to do the exact opposite! Why, you may ask? Our modern society moves really quick. You most likely work at least a forty-hour week, often working through lunch in order to meet deadlines. We’re so busy that sometimes we forget to prepare a proper meal for ourselves or just skip meals entirely. This puts our bodies off balance and often results in strong sugar urges that can only be satiated with things like soda or candy. Preparing a quick snack before work like carrots and hummus or a salad is a simple way to fight those sugar urges throughout the day.

Learn how to use spices

One of the many reasons we consume sugary foods and drinks is because it just tastes good! However, if you want to lose the urge for sugar, you should learn how to use other, healthy spices to your advantage. If you make your own meals before work, try experimenting with different spices to spruce up your meal so that it pulls your interest away from soda and other processed foods and drinks. Sometimes this is as simple as doing a quick internet search to find an improved recipe that tastes better and is more healthy. Eating sweet foods like sweet potatoes are a healthy choice and can also help you kick the urge for sugar.

Stay tuned for part two of this blog. In the meantime, visit Fitness Specialist if you’re ready to start the in-home gym of your dreams!