The greatest thing about having a home gym is that it’s your own! No more dealing with people who get mad at you for the way you put the dumbbells back or for not cleaning equipment after you’re done with it. With a home gym, you’re the boss and you run the show! However, there comes a point when you’ll be looking for ways to really spruce it up and make it your own. In this blog, we’ll talk about five ways you can make your gym unique!

Make a message board

No, I’m not talking about posting concert dates on your wall or anything like that. I mean a message board that will remind you of your goals, accomplishments, and help you keep your schedule organized. This is a great way to add a finishing touch to your home gym and show people that you’re serious about it. A corkboard will do just fine because it’s easy to add and remove notes from.

Upgrade your flooring

If you want an authentic gym experience, you’ll need authentic gym flooring. Interlocking rubber flooring is used in most gyms and won’t break the bank if you choose to implement it into your home gym. Not only will it look great, but it’ll prevent damage and wear on your floor. Additionally, it’s safer and will prevent slips and falls.

Add some decorations

Just because it’s a gym doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty! If you have a lot of decorations like paintings or posters, try moving some to your home gym. This way you won’t be dreading going to a drab and lifeless room everyday to workout. You can also adjust your lighting to make it more friendly and welcoming. If you do bench press a lot, make sure there aren’t any lights pointing directly at your bench when you’re looking up.

Install a mirror

If you’re worried about your form when you lift, you may want to install a mirror on the wall. Next time you do dumbbell curls, you’ll be glad you did! It can be a pain to get a heavy mirror into your home without breaking it, but it’s well worth the effort.

Add appliances

Adding appliances to your home gym is another way to make it more comfortable and improve your efficiency. If you snack a lot and like to eat before or after you workout, try adding a small fridge and microwave to your workout room. If you use it exclusively for your gym, you can prepare your snacks beforehand and have them conveniently placed in your workout area.

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