Hello, and welcome back to our blog here at Fitness Specialist. In part one of this blog series, we talked about three awesome ways you can get your exercise without buying a gym membership including sword fighting, martial arts, and rock climbing. This time, we’re going to talk about several more ways you can get your exercise in a fun and engaging way.

Join a team

There’s this great website called meetup.com that allows its users to meet other people who like to do the same things. If there’s a sport you’ve always wanted to play, why not start your own league or see if there is anyone else out there in your town who has already created one? Many adults lose interest in sports as they get older because it becomes harder and harder to find people who want to play with them. Get out there and meet some like-minded people!

Trail Running

Trail running is a simple, yet effective way of getting your exercise, losing weight, and enjoying the great outdoors. The main difference between running on a treadmill or around the track and trail running is that the terrain is unpredictable. Trail running has the added difficulty of having to run up and down hills and dodge rocks. Sure, you’re not always going to want to go trail running, but your treadmill will be waiting for you once you get back home!

American Ninja Warrior Training

American Ninja Warrior is the latest and greatest of the “obstacle course” sports that have become so popular in recent years due to the power of television. But being an American Ninja Warrior isn’t just about making millions of people jealous about how fit you are, it’s to exercise in a competitive, fun, and engaging way that everyone can enjoy. Yes, even you! If you’re interested in giving American Ninja Warrior training a try, search online for an obstacle course facility near you. Then be amazed as nobody there is able to make it past the first obstacle!



Are you ready to start getting in shape and have fun doing it? Give any one of these ideas above a try or read our first blog in the series for more suggestions. Another great way to get exercise from the comfort of your own home is to start your own in-home gym. Contact Fitness Specialists today to learn more about our exercise equipment!