I think there’s one thing that often comes left unsaid when people get bogged down talking about the difficulty of starting and maintaining a fitness schedule that works for you: it changes your whole outlook on life. Sure, setting and achieving milestones or dropping a size in your waist probably isn’t a huge lifelong achievement that we will think about for the rest of our lives, but it’s more about the effort and mindset that it took to get there than anything else. Once you get into a routine that works for you, it can change you in ways that a lot of other things can’t. In this blog, we’re going to talk about how fitness and daily exercise can change your whole outlook on life.


Motivation isn’t something that just falls on your lap one day and causes you to start acting on something. Motivation is something that is earned through your ability to continuously tell yourself how much something means to you and warding off anything telling you, “you can’t do it.” Although exercise is certainly not the only way to maintain your motivation, it can certainly change the way you see it and make it easier to be achieved in the future.

I think what most people worry about when it comes to having motivation is not having an infinite supply of willpower, but more about avoiding those times where are motivation falls so low that we can’t do much of anything at all. It’s not like this is a regular occurrence, but I think it’s something we all dread. And sometimes, it’s the fear of this that causes us to lose motivation in the first place.

Fitness in general helps you avoid this “rock bottom” feeling because no matter how bad things get in the rest of your life, you’ll always know that you’re on track to achieving your fitness goals, even if they don’t have as big of an impact on your life, it’s still satisfying.


This is a big one. In a world where we’re so used to getting everything at the drop of a dime exactly when we need it, patience is a virtue that you can’t afford to not learn. Want a cheeseburger? Have it delivered or go through a drive-through. Want some information for your history exam next week? Do a quick Google search. With such a ease of access to services or information, it’s easy to expect our fitness goals to come just as easily. But if you got frustrated with exercise as fast as you got frustrated with your internet speed, chances are, nobody would ever get in shape.

The truth is, even the smallest fitness goals will take weeks or months to achieve, so it’s impossible to have the expectations we have for our internet as we do for our fitness goals. Fitness will change the way you see patience because you’ll never see instant results and you’ll be forced to motivate yourself rather than constantly being rewarded for your good behavior.


Speaking of rewards, this is another thing exercise can have an impact on. Here’s a typical example of how we reward ourselves in our lives: You spent several years working hard at your career goals and got the promotion you’ve been wanting. You decide to reward yourself with a two-week vacation. Seems innocent, right? That’s because it is! However, when it comes to exercise and fitness, we tend to reward ourselves with overindulging on sweet treats or a fatty meal. Over time, however, we begin to realize that this cycle of working hard, then overindulging is just holding us back. We realize that completing a tough workout and knowing how its helped you is enough of a reward. We begin to see rewards as a consequence of our hard work.

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