Hello, and welcome back to our blog here at Fitness Specialist. This is part three of our blog series about how fitness can change your outlook on life. If you missed part one and two, be sure to read them here and here. Keep reading to learn more.


Probably one of the most obvious changes you’ll see in yourself when you start exercising regularly is the way you see food. Before someone starts exercising, they usually see food as either “good” or “bad,” but after getting into a routine, food becomes something much more complex. We start seeing food by its calorie count and sugar content level more than anything else. Some argue this is a bad thing because it may take a lot of the enjoyment out of eating. However, most will see it as a form of enlightenment because you’re being more conscious about the things you’re actually putting in your body. You’ll start to see a trip to a fast food restaurant or a bite of a chocolate bar as more of a sin rather than a way of satisfying your desires.


Achievement looks different for just about everyone, however, you can just about guarantee that by the time you have a consistent exercise plan in place, you’ll have a healthier view of what the word “success” means. There are two sides to this spectrum: people who believe that success just means showing up. As long as you’re present and give your best effort, then you’ve succeeded. Then there are people who believe that showing up is irrelevant if you don’t actually accomplish something. There’s a happy median to these two views that you learn through and exercises routine and is generally a healthier alternative to the two: success means each day is better than the last. You don’t always need to taking major strides forward or accomplishing anything major, but you shouldn’t be moving backward either.


Through life’s ups and downs, it’s hard to look back and say that anything remained constant throughout we move to new locations, people enter into and leave our lives, we change jobs… it can get pretty exhausting sometimes. However, when we maintain a fitness routine for a long time, it can be really satisfying looking back and seeing that something has stayed so consistent in your life. Sure, your goals will change, but the drive to maintain your fitness schedule stays the same. It’s hard to say that about much else and the lessons we learn from it can be invaluable.

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