A balanced life is a healthy life; take all things in moderation; you can do anything, but not everything. Chances are, you’ve heard some of these quotes before, but have you considered the importance that organization plays in all of this? The time we have from waking up to going to bed is limited, and more importantly, the time we have on this planet is limited, so there’s no room to be disorganized or wonder if you’re spending time the way it should be. And if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably looking for ways to make room for healthy choices in your life.

Although you can live life by the day, trying to force yourself to do things that you may find stressful, that’s too much work! Eliminating clutter in your schedule and creating a balanced routine will reduce stress and allow you to lead a healthy lifestyle more easily. Keep reading to learn more.

Understand the importance

You know how they always say the best way to solve a problem is by admitting you have one? I would strongly advise that you start your journey towards an organized lifestyle by, first of all, admitting to yourself that being more organized will make you happier. And second of all, that becoming organized is an important step for you to take in your life, not just something that you can keep putting off. Doing so will set the groundwork for all the other steps you take and will prevent you from backsliding on any commitments you make in the future.

Although this blog is focused on making room for a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to take into consideration all of the benefits of an organized life in this stage. A good way to do this is to make a list. At the top of the page, put a motivational phrase that you like and that resonates with you. For example, you could write, “keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.” Write this in big letters and keep it on the fridge or somewhere you look frequently. On the rest of the page, list out as many benefits of creating an organized life that you can think of. Maybe it’s spending more time with your kids, improving your financial situation, or learning a musical instrument, and of course, improving health and wellness.

Don’t be afraid to add to this list as you think of new things. Over time, you’ll have a great list of things that are important to you. The more you add, the less likely it will be to get thrown away or forgotten, because you’ve already made a commitment to it.

Learn to concentrate

Concentration is an important skill to learn, especially when it comes to organization. If you have the whole week planned out, day by day, how are you going to get everything done that you need to if you’re constantly thinking about something that’s happening on the last day of the week. Try to teach yourself to focus on what you need to get done right now, then worry about everything else later. This is one of the many ways that we make ourselves feel busier than we actually are, and can result in unnecessary stress and reduced productivity. This relates back to what we talked about concerning technology because one of the biggest distractions in most people's’ lives is social media.

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