Hello, and welcome back to our blog! Last time we talked about the topic of weekend weight gain. Although this might not be an issue for some people, for others, the drastic adjustment from a weekday work and gym routine can be difficult to maintain once the weekend hits. We begin to fall into habits that weren’t an issue during the week. Check out part one of this blog series if you want to see what else we’ve covered; however, without further ado, here are several more ways to avoid weekend weight gain.

Go outdoors

If you don’t have any big plans for the weekend, it may be difficult to pull yourself out of bed and outside to get some fresh air. However, you don’t need to do anything crazy outdoors to experience the benefits. Taking a nice walk when you wake up will not only burn a few calories, it will make you feel more awake and less groggy for when it comes time to workout.

Spend an extra hour in the gym

Once the weekend comes, you should take advantage of the extra time by spending another hour in the gym. It doesn’t have to be all in one sitting either. Try waking up a bit early and going in the morning, then hitting it up later in the afternoon as well. You’ll benefit from more weight loss and better sleep!

Maintain your eating routine

Just because it’s the weekend doesn’t mean you should be going out to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! We tend to eat more food when we go out to eat and are more likely to indulge in sugary desserts. If you go out to eat, make sure you don’t eat too fast and don’t be afraid to take half your meal home with you for the next day.

Plan your week

Another way you can spend the extra time you have during the weekend is by planning your next week. You could start preparing meals, setting aside time for an extra workout, or invest time in building an in-home gym.

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