Hello, and welcome back to our blog here at Fitness Specialists. This is part three of our blog series about getting in shape faster. Everyone has a different idea of what “in shape” means, but there are several things that we can all agree on when it comes to having a better fitness life. Keep reading to learn some helpful tips and be sure to contact Fitness Specialists if you’re interested in starting your own in-home gym this summer.

Introduce plyometrics to your workouts

Introducing plyometrics to your workout might be just what you need to get in shape quicker, especially if you’re training for a sport like basketball or football. What plyometrics is is a type of workout that involves “jump training” or “plyos.” Not only will these exercises burn fat quickly, but they increase strength and speed due to the fact that they require you to exert your maximum force over a short period of time. There are quite a few different plyo exercises out there so be sure to check them out and figure out which ones work for you.

Set goals

Sure, telling yourself that you’ll go to the gym three times a week is a great place to start, but that’s not really a great place to be at. If you’re having to set goals just to get yourself in the gym then you probably won’t be sticking with your routine very long before giving up. In order to avoid this, you should start setting actual fitness goals like being able to hit a certain amount of reps or sets with a specific weight or achieving a new mile time. Without tracking this kind of information, how will you know that you’re actually improving?

Quit the excuses

Let’s face it, the only reason many of us don’t get in shape quickly is because we make excuses. We think, “I can make up for my lack of effort today, tomorrow,” or “I’ll get back to work next week.” There comes a put when you just have to say “no more!” The difference between those who are successful with their workout routine and those who are not is that the people who are successful are able to take control and discipline themselves at a moments notice. If you’re ever in that situation where you’re at home debating whether you should go to the gym or not, simply start putting your shoes on and walk out the door. Don’t sit around thinking about it because the more you do, the less likely you will be to actually go. And like they say, just showing up is half the battle, right? I think this saying rings true especially for working out.

Now with regards to the other half of the battle (actually putting in effort when you get to the gym), this could vary by person, but typically if you’re getting enough sleep and eating right, you should have enough energy to put into your exercise routine. If not, you may want to consider what other life changes you can be making to have more energy by the time you get to your end of day workout.

Contact Fitness Specialists

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