Sugar is everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure. It comes in so many different forms and packages that it feels impossible to avoid. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Being more conscious about your sugar intake won’t just help you lose weight, it’ll prevent you from being at higher risk for diabetes and cavities. Believe me, I don’t think there’s anyone out there who wants to take an extra trip to the doctor or dentist anytime soon.

The sad thing about sugar is that it’s snuck into just about anything you can imagine. We normally think of oatmeal and fruit juice being healthy, right? But many of them nowadays add so much sugar that all the health benefits are thrown out the window. Unfortunately, I can’t follow you around and slap your hand every time you try to chow down on something that’s loaded with sugar, so I’ll have to settle with giving you a few tips for avoiding it and pray that your motivation is on point!

Don’t fall for advertising

When you think of apple juice advertisements it often brings back images of farmers pulling perfectly ripe apples off a tree glistening with morning dew. It’s beautiful and all, but it’s kind of hiding the truth behind what you’re actually getting. It’s not technically false advertising because there are real apples in it. It’s really just diverting your attention from the fact that their fruit juice contains a lot of sugar too.

You probably already know this, but chances are you aren’t conscious about it every time you watch a commercial. Every time you watch a commercial like this and aren’t conscious of what is being advertised, they’re one step closer to getting you to buy it.

Ditch the latte

Coffee is a huge addiction for a lot of people, but some people find themselves overly attached to a specific type of coffee: lattes. It’s great to occasionally get a  pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks, but if you make this a regular thing it can have terrible effects on your health. The problem with lattes is that they have two addictive properties: caffeine and sugar. If you want to eliminate the sugar aspect or kick your coffee habit altogether, I would recommend going with the lesser of two evils and transferring the addiction to drip coffee. Your wallet will thank you too!

Boost your serotonin

A lot of the time, sugar cravings are caused by a lack of serotonin in the body. There’s a lot of ways to increase your serotonin without consuming sugar like getting enough vitamin B6, reducing stress, and getting enough exercise. Since serotonin is the “happiness hormone” you want to get enough of it so your body doesn’t begin to crave or even get addicted to sugar.

Stick with it!

Changing your eating habits can be a huge chore and you may fall back on your commitments every once in awhile, but if you stick with it long enough it will become second nature and you’ll rewire your brain to see sugar as more of a toxin than a delectable treat!

If you’re having trouble kicking the sugar habit, try some of these tips to get you back on track and eating healthy again. You will generally feel better and be one step closer to a new and improved you!

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