It’s finally fall, and with it comes the tendency to want to be outside enjoying the cool, crisp air and exploring your local pumpkin patch or corn maze. But how will you have the time to do this if you’re spending so much time commuting to a crowded and noisy gym every day? And how will you have enough money to buy pumpkin spice lattes if you’re spending all your money on a gym membership? Owning your own fitness equipment is a great way to build a workout that was designed for YOU, and there’s no better time to start than now!

Whether you’re new to fitness or an experienced exercise guru, we’ll give you just some of the many benefits of buying your very own fitness equipment this fall.


Chances are, when you get home from a long workday, you won’t want to go to a loud and smelly gym to exercise. Many people exercise in order to relieve stress and going to a gym is most likely going to have the opposite effect that you want. When you have your own, in-home exercise equipment, it’s up to you whether you play music or leave it completely silent so you can spend some quality time listening to your own thoughts! Either way, the experience is entirely customizable to your liking, and if you’re self-conscious about people hearing Frozen’s “Let It Go” through your earbuds while you workout, there’s no longer a concern for that!


There’s no doubt about it, having exercise equipment in your home is a commitment. But that’s a good thing! When you purchase your first elliptical or treadmill, it acts as a symbol of your commitment to stay in shape. The initial investment may be more costly than a month of gym membership, but after a while, you’ll have a full, in-home gym while others are stuck paying a monthly membership and nothing to show for it other than some sweet abs. If you spent your time investing in fitness equipment, you’ll not only have sweet abs, but you’ll be constantly reminded that you committed yourself to a healthy lifestyle.


This is a big one. We all have busy schedules, and eliminating the time it takes to commute to gym every day is sure to give you a lot of extra time to do more of the things you love. If it takes you 20 minutes each day to go to and from your gym, that’s over two hours extra you’ll have each week to do something else productive! What’s more is you won’t have to spend money on gas if that’s a problem.

There’s also the added convenience and safety of being at home. If you like going on a warm-up run before your workout, you can just walk out your door and get started. You know your neighborhood better than anyone, and there’s no need to run around areas that aren’t familiar to you.


With buying your home fitness equipment comes the freedom of choice. If dumbbells are the most important part of your exercise, get them! If you like putting five pound weights behind 100 pound weights on the weight rack so they’re harder to get to, then nobody should be able to stop you! In-home gyms are all about freedom. America!

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