Hello, and welcome back to our blog here at Fitness Specialist. In our first blog, we took a look at the topic of hiring a personal trainer versus building your own in-home gym. Although this is a tough choice to make, we’ve done the hard work and broken it down, piece by piece. In our first blog, we broke down the costs and the privacy associated with each. This time, we’ll take a look at motivation and focus. If you have any questions, be sure to contact our fitness equipment experts at Fitness Specialist.


When it comes to motivation, it will ultimately come down to your personality and what suits you best. If you’re someone who’s motivated by someone telling you exactly what you need to do, then a personal trainer is probably the way to go. But for some people, they need motivation to get up and moving. In which case, having a personal trainer isn’t going to do much for you. If you don’t show up to your personal training session, they’re likely not going to come wake you up from your slumber and drag you to the gym. Instead, they’ll probably take pride in the fact that they made money for doing nothing.

Your personal gym, however, isn’t going to steal your money if you don’t make it to the gym for a day. Although it doesn’t motivate you per se, you’ll certainly have the added benefit of having all your fitness equipment in your home ready to go. So, even if you lack motivation, it’s not too hard to jump on your treadmill and run for a while. You can even watch TV while you do it!


Another thing to take into consideration is the focus of your workouts. If your goal with exercising is to lose weight, you’re not going to benefit much from working with a personal trainer. Personal trainers are more for people who are looking for full body exercises and to gain muscle in certain areas of their body. If your focus is on losing weight, you may be wasting a lot of time and money with a personal trainer.

With an in-home gym, you can direct all your exercises to what you want to achieve. You won’t be wasting any time working on aerobic exercises when all you want to be doing is losing weight. In which case, running on a treadmill is your best bet.

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