Although abs are known to be “made in the kitchen,” there are a variety of machines that will give you strong midline stability through regular exercise. If you’re looking to get a set of six-pack abs, now’s the time to start eating healthy and hitting the gym, whether that’s at home or at a facility near you in Midland. However, since working out at home is essential to most of everyone’s day-to-day lives, maybe it’s time you look into the top five most popular fitness equipment machines to get strong abs.

#1 Adjustable Sit Up Bench

An adjustable sit up bench is easy to use, easy to store and makes it easy for you to earn a strong core. One of the oldest types of fitness equipment around, an adjustable sit up bench is the perfect asset for every home gym. Don’t be fooled, though, a bench like this can be used for a variety of exercises, including leg raises, ab twists, crunches and the most obvious, sit ups. Make sure you purchase the right one for your needs and size. Although there are many different adjustments on each bench, they do come in different overall sizes. Purchase one that will match the resistance for your needs.

#2 Ab Wheel

You’ve probably seen this product on the show As Seen On TV. The ab wheel is the perfect product to get your abs firing. This workout tool is the perfect asset to any home gym for two reasons: It doesn’t take up space, and it really works. If you’re looking to achieve a strong midline, the ab wheel is an option that’s affordable. With some practice, you can become a pro and achieve a flat stomach in no time.

#3 Pull Up Bar

Can you see the trend here? Body weight exercises are highly beneficial to your health. Who says you need weight to get a great workout? A pull up bar is another home gym essential. With a pull up bar, you can do a variety of body weight exercises that not only target your shoulders, back and arms, but your abs too. Your obliques and abdominal muscles can get shredded with this simple tool. Hanging knee raises and toes to bar help to get a flat stomach and best of all, this piece of exercise equipment is affordable!

#4 Stability Ball

A stability ball, or exercise ball, isn’t a well-known piece of fitness equipment for abs; however, it’s an efficient tool to create strong abs. If you think sit ups and crunches are hard, try performing them on a stability ball. This piece of gym equipment is the perfect tool to enhance and strengthen your core stability. When the abdominal muscles are strong and efficient, you will be able to stabilize yourself. Plus, buying this piece of exercise equipment won’t break the bank, and you can utilize it as a chair in your office too!

#5 Roman Chair

If you’re looking to build rock-hard abs and a nice bum, a Roman chair may be the perfect tool for your home gym. With exceptional exercises, you’ll be able to not only enhance the strength of your core, but your lower back as well. You can perform hyperextensions and other core exercises that help to decrease back injuries. Just make sure you do them correctly.

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