Hello, and welcome back to our blog! Last time we talked about several ways you can start enjoying running again instead of doing it just to stay in shape. Running is something that can be enjoyed by just about anyone, so stick around to learn about several more ways you focus on the positives and keep running a part of your life.

Join a team or club

One way to enjoy running more is to make it a social thing—never run alone! There are a lot of people out there who got into running because they ran on a cross-country or track team in high school or middle school. But don’t fear! There are plenty of running teams out there for adults too. If a team club isn’t your thing, try running with your partner or best friend. Either go out and find a great trail to run in an exciting new area, or start a home gym where you can run on the treadmill with your bestie while you watch a movie or show.

Set goals

A simple way to see a lot of progress and stop seeing running as a chore is to set goals for yourself. Without a goal, you won’t see much progress and running will seem like more of a chore than something that is helping you and making you happier. It’s okay to set your sights low, just make sure you have a mission each time you put your running shoes on.

Reward yourself

If you’ve got your goals set in place, it’s time to make a reward for yourself. Don’t make your reward something unhealthy like promising yourself an entire molten chocolate cake if you run a mile. That’s a bad idea. Try rewarding yourself with anything non-food related like a road trip or a night in watching your favorite movie.

Don’t get discouraged

One thing about running is that you won’t see progress happen overnight. Cardio and exercise, in general, is something that requires your attention for years and years to come. But that’s all the more reason to start now and not hold back. If you look back at your progress several years down the line, you’ll be amazed at what you’ve accomplished and be more than happy to keep going. It’s a great feeling knowing that you’re in the greatest shape of your life and will make you enjoy running that much more.

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