Welcome back to our blog here at Fitness Specialists. We’re just one short month into the year and we’re wondering, have you kept up with your fitness resolutions for the year? It seems like whenever February and March come around, people start to fall back on their plans to get in shape or go to the gym every day, so we’re here to tell you why this is a bad idea. Here at Fitness Specialists, it’s our top priority to ensure that everyone has the resources they need to stay fit all year long and save money while doing it, so if you have any questions, give us a call today. We’re also proud to offer a wide range of fitness equipment and exercise equipment for sale in Amarillo, so feel free to browse our products to learn more.


One of the most important reasons to avoid falling back on your new year’s resolutions around this time is because it doesn’t help you with discipline. Think about it, if you’re making commitments every year to get something done but never do it, what other commitments will you fall back on during your life? Especially if you’re committing to something for the entire year. We don’t mean to offend, but the end of January is only a small portion of that — one-twelfth to be exact. However, the story’s not all grim when it comes to discipline. If you take the time to set a plan in place to get yourself back on track, you’ll be able to recover.

There’s no doubt about it, discipline is never an easy thing, especially when it comes to fitness. For whatever reason, many people don’t like going to the gym or just fall back on the goals they set for themselves. Fortunately, here at Fitness Specialists, we offer in-home exercise equipment that makes it easy to exercise on your time and not have the need to pay for a hefty gym membership.


The second reason to not fall back on your New Year’s resolutions is for your health. Obviously, exercising regularly is an important part of your health, not only because it helps your physical health, but your mental health as well. Routine exercise has proven to not only reduce stress but reduce symptoms of mental illness such as depression which can have a serious impact on other aspects of your life.

When it comes to your physical health, it’s almost always better to exercise daily, even if it’s just a light jog or some weight lifting. Although going hard once a week can be beneficial, you’ll see a lot more benefits if you make it a regular part of your day instead.

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